Google and HTC are working together on a Nexus tablet, it's claimed.

Digitimes, a website with a so-so track record, has claimed Google is developing an 8-inch Nexus tablet with HTC instead of Asus. It'll allegedly release in the third quarter 2014, according to the website's unnamed supply chain sources.

Google previously partnered with Asus on the Nexus 7. The company is switching to HTC though to push a new design. Google originally tried to work with HTC on the Nexus 7 too, but HTC was busy with smartphones then, Digitimes's sources said.

The sources also claimed that Asus is more interested in developing and selling mobile devices under its own brand. Because of this, combined with Google's ambitions, we can expect the next (and larger) Nexus tablet to launch without Asus' help.

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Interestingly, another report from March also claimed Google would release a Nexus 8 tablet in 2014. The forthcoming tablet is expected to feature an 8.9-inch screen and might go into production in July or August but in small volumes.

Keep in mind Digitimes has published some misleading stories in the past, so it's not set in stone that an 8-inch tablet is even on the way. One could also question whether an 8-inch Nexus tablet is needed. Nonetheless, it's interesting to speculate.

We've contacted Google and HTC for a comment. We will update when and if more information becomes available.