British online retailer Zavvi is listing a 32GB 2012 Nexus 7 tablet for just £99, £80 less than the original recommended retail price.

Although the model has been updated since, with the 2013 Nexus 7 featuring a faster processor, higher resolution screen and a few other improvements, the original is still a cracking device that we've been fans of for a while at Pocket-lint. And at £99, putting it more in Tesco Hudl territory, it's a great value buy.

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The Zavvi listing is for a reconditioned original Nexus 7 rather than a brand new one. It describes it as a "Manufacturer Grade A Refurb", which essentially means it should be as good as second-hand models come. The retailer also offers free delivery in the UK, bringing the price down to less than you could even find one on eBay.

We're not sure how many units Zavvi will have in stock. It will ship them from 3 February, so if you want to guarantee you'll get one, you're probably better off pre-ordering it as soon as possible. The offer is currently available on