Google may be making plans to ditch Qualcomm as its chip provider in favour of Intel for the Nexus 8 tablet.

According to hit-and-miss DigiTimes, "upstream supply chain" sources have made it clear the new Nexus 8 will be packing the Intel Bay Trail-T processor and should arrive by the middle of this year.

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Despite Google reportedly ditching Qualcomm as its chip manufacturer, it will be sticking with Asus to make the tablet. The source also claims the new Intel Bay Trail-T processor will be a 64-bit quad-core CPU.

Little else is known about the tablet but more details should emerge after MWC in February, the source says.

If it were also to shift from using Asus we wouldn't be surprised to see Google using LG after the impressive LG G Pad 8.3. But we'll just have to wait and see as more details emerge.

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