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(Pocket-lint) - Apple has really set the bar with its 64-bit A7 chip. Samsung has all but confirmed its next flagship Galaxy S5 will also come packing a 64-bit processor. And now Intel is waxing lyrical on the subject, saying that tablets should be packing these more complex 64-bit processors as early as next year. Meaning double the bits and more memory.

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Intel CEO, Brian Krzanich, told an investor meeting that the company was working on 64-bit chips for Android. The plan is to release the chips after its Bay Trail 64-bit chips are released for Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 devices early next year.

What he said about Bay Trail was also rather interesting. Apparently these chips are already 64-bit processing capable, which means anything containing one could be upgraded to 64-bit processing with a software update.

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While the chip itself might not do much visually different it will pave the way for greater processing. The 64-bit chips will support more than the 4GB of RAM to which the 32-bit chips are limited. This will mean support for UHD video and more graphically intensive gaming.

While 64-bit Bay Trail chips are due early next year it’s unclear how late in the year we’ll see 64-bit Android arrive. But with Samsung near certain to unveil it in the Galaxy S5 we’d expect to have them around the summer time.

Writing by Luke Edwards.