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(Pocket-lint) - Update: Telefonica has contacted Pocket-lint to tell us that the "leaked" picture alleged to come from its O2 brand did not. It claims it doesn't know anything about a Nexus 10 tablet.

"This is not a Telefonica image and we are not aware of a new Nexus 10," it explained.

The validity of the other image has yet to be confirmed, but considering that the first image has been steadfastedly denied by the company from which it is purported to have leaked, we suggest you treat the rest of the information with kid gloves for now.

The original story...

Two alleged images of the next-generation Nexus 10 have leaked over the weekend, showing that once again Google has picked LG as its manufacturing partner instead of Samsung. We've seen several leaks over the past few months indicating LG was Google's choice, and this pair offer a bit of credence to the unofficial information.

The first image, from Reddit, shows what looks to be a Telefonica press render the company didn't want leaked out. Nonetheless, we see the Nexus 10 will feature the Google experience launcher found on up until now exclusively on the Nexus 5, a very slim bezel, and a front-facing speaker. A price tag of £299 is hinted at for what is presumed to be the 3G version.

The second image carries a LG-V510 codename for the second-generation Nexus 10, a nomenclature we've seen in previous filings. The original post has been removed from Reddit, but it indicated the tablet will go on sale 22 November with LTE and in both black and white colour options.

Press renders can easily be faked, but the two images from different sources match up quite nicely. Google would be launching the Nexus 10 on the same day as Nokia's similar Lumia 2520 if the tipped 22 November release date holds true.

No specifications were suggested in the latest leaks, but an earlier blip on Google Play told of a 10-inch screen at 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution for 300ppi, a customary Snapdragon 800 chipset along with a hefty 3GB of RAM 8-megapixel rear-camera, 2.1-megapixel front-camera, and a whopping 9,000mAh battery.

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Writing by Jake Smith. Originally published on 17 November 2013.