Google has just unveiled its own case for the new Nexus 7.

Available for $49.99 (£31) on Google Play, the microsuede case is the first tablet case designed by Google specifically for the 2013 Nexus 7. Inside the box, you'll get - surprise - a case, as well as a "Molded Tub and Stand". Colour options for the case include black, white/red, gray/blue and gray/red.

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"Using the built-in stand, you can easily type an email, get on a Hangout, or watch the latest and greatest monkey-washing-a-cat video. We won’t judge," said Google on Google Play. "Google-designed cases are made to the exact specifications of your Google-designed technology - with a Google flag as a little salute to perfect fits."

The case ships out on 9 October. It's available in the US, but let us know if you can buy one in the UK. We've contacted Google for clarification on availability. Check out the gallery below for more pics.