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(Pocket-lint) - The Google Play store isn't only for Google to push its latest and greatest devices, but to also sell accessories to go along with it. The latest is a handy-dandy sleeve for the Nexus 7 that was released on Tuesday.

Available for $29.99 (£19.50), the Nexus 7 Sleeve is designed to form fit around your device thanks to a neoprene sleeve that features an asymmetrical zipper. On the inside, it's padded and lined with microfibre fur, which Google says is useful for "double the cushioning". There is also a outer pocket to keep other accessories in.

nexus 7 sleeve lands on google play for 29 but costs 18 to ship image 3

Currently, the Nexus 7 Sleeve is available only in black on the outside and grey on the inside.

At $29.99, we have to say that isn't too bad of a price for a device Sleeve, but the real kicker is the shipping fees that are accompanying this product. The cheapest option - ground (3-5 business days) - costs $17.98. Two-day shipping will cost you $21.98. Add up the cost of the Sleeve itself and shipping, you're looking at over $50 in total

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nexus 7 sleeve lands on google play for 29 but costs 18 to ship image 2

For a price like that, we have to wonder if there are some cheaper options out there, like on Amazon or Ebay.

Given the Nexus 7 is not yet available in the UK, the Nexus 7 Sleeve is currently only available stateside.

Writing by Jake Smith.