While we wait in agony for the second-generation Nexus 7 to be announced on Wednesday, Reddit user xQcKx got his hands on the tablet early. We're definitely leaning on him to give us his first impressions before we get a look with the general press tomorrow. 

It sounds like he visited an OfficeMax with the specific product SKU to make the order pass - pretty crafty.

We've seen almost everything we need to see about the tablet in the way of leaks. Now it's interesting to see the box the Nexus 7 will come in and the final build Google decided to ship. Additionally, we're looking forward to xQcKx coming back and telling us about the quality of the screen, which is said to get a major boost over the first version of the Nexus 7.

"I'll take more pictures," the Reddit user wrote. "I just got it." And so the waiting game continues. Two hours later, still nothing.

According to a Best Buy advertisement leaked earlier from PhoneArena, the Nexus 7 2 will become available with a $229.99 (£150) price tag on Tuesday 30 July. EvLeaks says to expect both 16GB and 32GB configurations. 

nexus 7 2 lands in one lucky reddit user s hands early image 2

A hands-on also popped up on YouTube.