It may seem highly suspicious, but an eagle-eyed Twitter member spotted what could be the new version of the Nexus 7 in the official Google+ Hangouts promo video. What's gives it away? The current Nexus 7 doesn't have a flashing LED notification light.

At roughly 21 seconds, the video shows two people communicating with each other across devices. One has an iPhone, while the other a mystery tablet.

It does seem quite a stretch to believe that Google would accidentally out one of its prize assets in such a flippant manner, and pictured alongside an iPhone, no less, but it's not impossible.

Cesi D'Alessio (@Cesi_D) isn't even sure himself, asking for verification. At the time of writing, he has had no replies.

Perhaps Google planned to unveil the new device during Google I/O but it slipped. Or perhaps, as it isn't yet ready to unleash Android 4.3 on the world, it didn't want to wave around hardware that runs on the new version of the operating system. And maybe the film was made before either of those decisions.

It's certainly intriguing, nonetheless.