So you've ripped open the wrapping paper and flipped the lid on your brand new Nexus 7. You turn it on, only to stare at the vast emptiness that is the Android home screen.

Soon this void will be filled with all the wonderous apps that Google Play has to offer, but which to download first. Read on to find out the first five apps you'll want on your Nexus 7.


An exciting twist on the traditional methods of interacting with social media is Flipboard. One sign-in from each and then social networks like Facebook and Twitter will be turned into an entirely personalised digital magazine.

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The real joy of Flipboard is in its design, which looks especially plush on the Nexus 7's 720p screen. Each network and status update is laid out differently, with images and video being cleverly interwoven into Flipboard’s UI. Flipboard review / Download it here

Sky Go

Only recently did Sky Go get Nexus 7 compatibility and it still doesn’t function on many other Android devices, so count yourself lucky if you are a Nexus 7 owner. The app allows you to watch your Sky subscription as well as on-demand content on your Nexus 7.

sky go now on more android devices including htc one series and nexus range image 1

It costs around £15 a month for non-Sky TV customers and free for customers. The portability of the Nexus 7, coupled with access to your Sky account, can make for a very handy second-screen experience. Sky Go review / Download it here


Inside the Nexus 7 is a powerful quad core Tegra 3 processor. This means the tablet can run the very best of mobile games. Horn is one of them. Boasting stunning graphics and an in-depth console-rivalling style of gameplay. It is the gaming app to enjoy on your new tablet.

Horn is $6.99 (£5.07), making it one of the more expensive apps on Google Play, but when you realise the scale of the title, it should become clear you have got your money’s worth. Horn review / Download it here

TuneIn Radio

This app might be slightly long in the tooth, but it certainly isn’t showing its age. TuneIn Radio is one of the best ways to listen to music on your Nexus 7 for free.

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The app is like a DAB radio but in app form. It accesses a large database of digital radio stations, including those of the BBC and then lets you stream them to your device. A clever browser lets you do things like search by genre and a Pro version allows you to record whatever you want to your Nexus 7. Download it here

Amazon Kindle

The Nexus 7 is an ideal eReader. As with just about any mobile platform or device, there is a Kindle app capable of running on it.

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The Kindle app on Nexus 7 grants you access to more than 1 million titles, making for more than enough reading material to satisfy even the busiest of reader. The app is also capable of reading other things like PDFs, making it handy for work. Kindle review / Download it here