New subscribers to The Times and Sunday Times Digital Pack can get themselves a brand new 32GB Nexus 7 on which to read the newspapers for a mere £50 - £149 less than it is currently being sold for in high street stores.

The subscription will cost £4 per week and is tied to an 18-month minimum period, so will ultimately cost you far more for the tablet itself, but you do get the paper delivered to your new Android tablet each and every day.

Subscriptions are payable on either a monthly or through a one-off fee. You can choose to pay £67.33 initially, which covers the cost of the Nexus 7, plus £17.33 per month thereafter, for the remaining 17 months of the subscription period. Or you can pay a flat fee of £299, which includes the entire kit and caboodle. That's only £100 more than the Nexus 7 would cost normally, and you get every digital edition of The Times and Sunday Times to boot.

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The latter payment scheme can apply to either your own subscription or if you want to buy it for a friend or loved one. The former option is solely applicable if the subscription is for yourself.

In addition to the app editions of The Times and Sunday Times, you will also get access to the paywalled Times website and Times+ membership, which includes exclusive events, offers and extras including complimentary film screenings, private views and expert talks.