Google’s 10-inch Nexus tablet will have a pixel density higher than the new iPad and will be made by Samsung, according to an industry analyst. 

Richard Shim, an analyst at NPD DisplaySearch was speaking to CNET and said of the Google Nexus 10: “It’s going to be a high-end device. They’ll partner with Samsung and co-brand it with Samsung.” 

According to Shim, we can expect the Nexus 10 to boast a 2560 x 1600 display with a 299 ppi. In contrast the new iPad has a 264 ppi with a 1536 x 2048 pixel resolution.

Previously Google partnered with Asus for the smaller Google Nexus 7, but it has collaborated with Samsung before for previous Galaxy Nexus smartphones. 

However, judging by the size and resolution of the display, the Nexus 10 will far surpass its smaller sibling’s $199 price tag. 

Of course, these predictions are just that, with Shim basing his assumptions on “supply chain indications”.

Yet if you’ve made your own prophecy that the Nexus 10 will be out of your price range, it’s worth noting that Shim also claims Google will begin working on a $99 tablet this December.