Mozilla, the organisation behind the Firefox browser, has released a new version for Android tablet users that promises better use of the screen real estate on its bigger devices.

Announcing the completely redesigned Firefox for Android for tablets app, the developers behind the app say: "The same dramatic improvements that made Firefox for your Android phone super fast are now available for tablets."

That means you’ll notice everything is quicker, from startup and page load times to panning and zooming and Web app performance, says Mozilla.

This release includes a new Awesome Screen that delivers all of your browsing history, bookmarks, passwords and form data. You can also import your personalised Firefox experience with Firefox Sync.

Firefox for Android supports Flash for Honeycomb tablet devices, so you can interact with more Web video and games on the go.

Users will also be able to switch between the desktop and mobile version of a website by selecting “Request Desktop Site” from the browser Menu.

The new app is available in Google Play.