There are no plans for a Chrome OS tablet, according to Google, although the internet giant has said that there will be more convergence between the Android and Chrome operating systems.

Linus Upson, Google’s vice-president of engineering told TechRadar:  “We are not working on a Chrome OS tablet. We have our hands full in delivering a wonderful experience on desktop and laptop and the Android team have their hands full bringing a great experience on phone and tablet. But the two teams are working together even more closely.”

Citing Microsoft’s somewhat disastrous previous efforts to run one operating system across both smartphones and desktop computers, Google is following the lead of Apple, which has maintained a degree of separation between it’s Mac OS and the iOS platform used on the iPhone and iPad. 

"The use cases in technology stacks on phone and tablet are very different from desktop and laptop, as are the user expectations, and the types of things you do are also very different,” Upson said.

"That's why everyone has two different solutions for these problems. Apple has Mac OS and iOS, Microsoft (now) has two – they just happen to call them both Windows – and at Google we do the same.” 

By making Chrome available on the Android platform, Google’s convergence plans have begun, albeit cautiously, though it refuses to rush into things.

"Everyone likes to call a horse race [between Android and Chrome OS], but we don't look at it like that at all," said Upson. "We look at what's the right thing to do for the user and how you build the right experience."

Google's comments come the day after it revealed its Chromebox desktop computer and latest Chromebook laptop device.

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