Google has set its sights on taking over your home with a new offering its announced called Android @ Home.

Seeing a future beyond just speaker docks, Google hopes to take on Apple’s massive accessory market launching a new initiative called “Android Open accessories”.

Hoping the move will encourage manufacturers to make a range of accessories, Google is extending the Android OS to talk to just about anything.

Android at Home will offer the chance to make Android accessories whether it’s a switch connected to a light, or just an on button for a speaker, for free - without taking any licensing fee.

“We want every device in your home,” said the company on stage at its Google I/O event in San Francisco.

Google demoed the new feature, which will be available to developers via a range of new APIs, with an exercise bike that automatically connects to an Android phone to detail calorie count, speed, and even boasts a game.

Developers and makers will even be able to force the phone or tablet to download the correct app when connected to make sure the user has the correct app to use the device in question.

Currently available for devices using USB, Bluetooth support as been promised by Google.

The new Android Open Accessories platform will be available to Honeycomb 3.1 and Android 2.3.4 devices.

Ultimately in the future, Google hopes to control everything in your home with a box called Project Tungsten. It will act as a digital hub for your home that will act as an access point.