Eric Schmidt has confirmed that Google’s yet-to-be-released operating system, Google Chrome, will be available in the “next few months”.

The comments, made at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, came after journalists at the event questioned the Google CEO as to whether the new OS would be making it to tablets, netbooks, and other devices, and when we would be getting it with Intel devices. 

“Yes, yes, and yes”, was the answer, suggesting that, like Google’s mobile phone operating system, Android, it would be available on everything and anything.

However, those overly excited about the idea of running Chrome OS on an unannounced touchscreen tablet shouldn't hold their breath.

“It’s designed for something with a keyboard”, Schmidt confirmed in the on-stage interview. 

As for a release date, there's nothing concrete other than sometime in the “next few months”. Clearly, the original estimation of November 2010 has slipped.

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