EE has announced its own 4G tablet which will be available both on pay as you go and pay monthly plans.

The EE Eagle is an 8-inch device made by Huawei that runs on a quad-core processor and features 16GB of on board storage, which is expandable through the microSD card slot by up to a further 32GB.

Full specifications for the EE Eagle, that the company's chief marketing officer Pippa Dunn claims will rivals the iPad mini, are yet to be revealed by the network, but it's identical in design to the Huawei MediaPad M1 that we've seen previously.

It will greatly undercut Apple's tablet, however, being available from EE for £199.99 on a pay as you go deal. It is also available for £49.99 on a £15 a month pay monthly plans, which offers 2GB of monthly data.

The tablet will be available in the UK from 28 May.

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Other 4G data plans are available from EE, now from as little as £10 a month for 1GB. That's on the company's existing LTE network. For what it terms as "double speed 4G", prices start at £20 a month for 15GB of data a month. If you're a power user or watch an awful lot of streamed video when on the move, the network has a £50 a month data plan with a whopping 50GB of data available on the double speed (up to 30Mbps) network.

EE has also announced that a further 20 cities will get double speed 4G connectivity by the end of 2014, making the total up to 40 across the UK.