In a slightly unexpected move, Orange has announced that it is launching an own-brand Android tablet that will be called the Orange Tablet. 

Details are in short supply, but it seems the focus here is to provide a cheaper entry point to tablets for Orange customers. The company currently offers the Apple iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab in its portfolio, the Orange Tablet will slot in as its budget offering.

It has a 7-inch capacitive display, offers 3G connectivity and runs on Android 2.1. Beyond that we haven’t been given any other details, but looking at the supporting images we can see that it has a large stand around the back, memory card slots and what looks like front and rear cameras.

There is one other significant detail: that it’s destined for Spain, Poland, Romania and Slovakia only.

Yves Maitre, senior vice president, Group Devices & Mobile Multimedia for Orange, said: “Tablet computing is an extremely popular and growing segment of the consumer technology market and we want to offer our customers the best possible choice of device to suit all budgets and requirements. By providing the widest choice of seven and ten inch touchscreen tablets, Orange is providing new ways to access the content and services our customers want. We will continue to expand our tablet and smartphone portfolio throughout 2011.”

It leaves us wondering whether the UK will qualify for cheaper tablets from the company, or do we just have to stick to more expensive models? Whatever the case, from what Maitre has said it looks like more tablets are to come. 

If we find out any more, we’ll let you know.

UPDATE: Thanks to a comment below, we realised this is the Huawei Ideos S7 tablet. The full details can be found in our news story here, but look out for tweaking of the specs to meet Orange's requirements.