Everything Everywhere, the umbrella under which both Orange and T-Mobile now fall in the UK, recently announced that it is to offer discounted iPads if you sign up for data contracts with either of its networks.

And now, the prices have gone live - and we now know that you'll be able to pick up an iPad from as little as £199.

That price is for the 16GB (3G and Wi-Fi) version, with the 32GB one coming in at £249, and the 64GB one costing £349.

To get these prices, you'll need to sign up for a 24-month contract that costs £25 a month for Orange customers, or £27 if you're new to the network.

For this monthly outlay, you'll get 1GB of anytime 3G data, 1GB in the quiet time of midnight until 4am, and 3GB of BT Openzone Wi-Fi action.

Pocket-lint has had the abacus out and has worked out that even though you'd be saving money initially (£330 - £350 depending on the model you go for), after a year you'd have met the full iPad cost and you'd still have a year to go of your contract.

But, if you're the type that needs 3G on their iPad for when you're out and about, you'd have to have some sort of data plan anyway (currently Orange's iPad plans run from £2 daily ones, to £25-a-month ones that give you 10GB of data), so it all depends on just how much usage you need.

Other networks offer varying plans too, so if you are considering going down the contract road, be sure to do your sums before hand so you're sure you'd be getting the right deal.

You'll probably need a calculator, Pocket-lint had trouble with the abacus we used as it only had 10 beads. Although it is Fisher Price and plays some lovely animal sounds. The cow's moo being our favourite.

Three has also stated that it will be offering iPad plans and discounts, and we'll bring you price news from it as soon as we hear anything.