(Pocket-lint) - Dell plans to introduce new tablets in the coming weeks, according to new reports.

Michael Dell, chief executive officer of Dell, talked with AllThingsD on Wednesday about going private and what's next for the company, and one of his more interesting quotes concerned a simple response about Dell's PC business.

"You’ll see another significant wave of tablets from us in the coming weeks," Dell said, to which AllThingsD offered no follow-up question.

The idea of more tablets isn't too surprising. Neil Hand, vice-president of tablets and performance at Dell, already gave a sneak peek at the company's upcoming Dell 'Venue' product line at the Intel Developers' Forum in San Francisco. The line notably included an 8-inch tablet with the latest Intel Bay Trail hardware.

It's really the "another significant wave" part that Dell dropped which has caused many to wonder if even more new tablets - aside from the Venue line - are in the works.

Dell has said that he wants to reinvest in Dell, work more closely with enterprise customers, and remain competitive with pricing, meaning there could indeed be plenty of exciting things down the road in terms of consumer products.

Stay tuned for more, as we apparently only have to wait out the coming weeks. 

Writing by Elyse Betters.