A leaked Dell roadmap is currently circulating online which not only points at a bevy of new Android tablets, but also a Windows 7 one, and even a Windows 8 one for January 2012 too.

Starting with the Android devices and we can apparently look forward to not one, not two, not even three (you can see where this is going, right?) - but four new Android 3.0 tablets. And they've all got wacky names (at the moment anyway) which is always nice.

First to hit should be the Gallo Honeycomb tablet in April 2011, followed by the Sterling in October, and both the Opus One and the Silver Oak in January next year.

Down the Microsoft path we've got a 1366x768 Windows 7 touting device called Rosemount coming our way in June and, most excitingly, the Peju Windows 8 device at the start of next year.

Wow, that's more tablets than a [insert Heath Ledger/Boots/old people's home joke here].