Following Michael Dell's announcement last week that his company would be releasing a 7-inch tablet to follow up the 5-inch Dell Streak, reports now suggest that a 10-inch offering could also be on the horizon.

The Wall Street Journal quotes Dell Greater China president Amit Midha, who said that a "whole slew" of Dell tablets would be arriving in the next 6-12 months including the 10-inch version, as well as smaller 3 and 4-inch devices.

Regarding the 7-inch tablet that the Dell boss demoed, Midha said: "It was showed off at Oracle World by Michael last week and we'll be launching very, very soon - within the next few weeks".

"In fact, very much in the near future we'll be launching the seven-inch tablet as well as the additional three-inch product".

Midha confirmed that the 7-incher would be an Android model, but stated that the company may also use Microsoft operating systems on some of the other devices.

Can Dell streak ahead with its tablets - or has the market already been gobbled up by Apple and Samsung? Give us your thoughts below.