Oracle has released a highlights video of Michael Dell's keynote speech from earlier in the week at the Oracle OpenWorld.

That's great I hear you cry, but why should I care? Well because mid-way through his presentation the CEO and founder of Dell, whips out the company's new 7-inch model allowing us to see what it's like in the hand and what it looks like in use.

"It's nice to have a larger screen", comments Mr Dell as he shows off a rather boring financial presentation on the new device.

The moment, we have to say, is brief, but from what we can gather the device currently being dubbed as the "looking glass" carries the same design ethos as the Dell Streak - the company's 5-inch offering.

And yes, it will have full Android apps support.

No word on when it will be out (we suspect a CES 2011 announcement) and whether it will be just called the 7-inch Dell streak, but if you're looking for an Android alternative to the iPad or an alternative to the Samsung Galaxy Tab, this could be just the ticket.

What do you think of the new device?