Michael Dell, CEO and founder of Dell, has teased the audience at an Oracle conference on Wednesday by confirming that the company is working on a 7-inch Android powered tablet.

Although Dell didn't provide any further details at the conference in San Francisco, he did confirm that it would be running Google's Android OS.

At 5 inches the Dell Streak is one of the smallest tablets currently on the market, and certainly smaller than the new Android powered Samsung Galaxy Tab, suggesting that Dell has upped the screen size to better compete against the competition.

Could a CES 2011 launch be on the cards, with timing similar to the company's launch of the 5-inch Dell Streak at the beginning of this year?

Mr Dell also confirmed that the Dell Steak, which went on sale in the UK earlier this year and in the US last month, would be going on sale in electronic store Best Buy in October.

A Dell spokesperson in the UK has confirmed that Dell is working on a prototype, however didn't have further information at this time about specs or availability.

Looks like that once again the CEO has jumped the marketing machine's gun; but hey, if you can't do it when you're the founder when can you do it?

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