(Pocket-lint) - If you’re struggling to see through the iPad 2 haze, fear not: there is action on the Android front too. Action in the loosest sense of the word, however, as today is the day that the Creative ZiiO 7 gets its step up to Android 2.2.

If you’re a customer, you’ve probably already received an email regarding the upgrade following the news of its arrival a couple of weeks ago. In case you haven’t, then fear not, as we’ve upgraded the ZiiO 7 we have in the office.

The easiest way to find your update is to head into the ZiiO Space on your ZiiO 7. Here you’ll find the front page has the update link under the “What’s New” section, along with the link we’ll guarantee you’ll click on straight after the update.

That’s because the Android 2.2 update on the ZiiO 7 brings support for Adobe Flash with it, so as soon as you’ve upgraded, you’ll be able to head back to ZiiO Space and download the Adobe Flash Player, so you’ll be able to take your pick of online video or Flash crazy websites.

Those in the UK will be able to enjoy BBC iPlayer as well through the website, but without access to the Android Market, you can't download the official app.

When we were first introduced to the ZiiO tablets back in November 2010, a Creative spokesperson said that the Android 2.2 update would “definitely” bring the Android Market with it. That isn’t the case - we’re waiting to hear back from Creative exactly what the position is and we’ll update this story if we learn anything new.

In reality Flash video support is the features biggest change, unless you’re a particular stickler for installing apps on external storage or you’re after extra language support.

There does appear to have been some mild performance enhancement too, probably down to the tinkering behind the scenes in Android 2.2, but we still experienced some unexpected unresponsiveness as we did before the upgrade.

If you want the update, head over to http://support.creative.com/ for all the details, or if you're considering getting a Creative ZiiO 7 read our full review.

Writing by Chris Hall.