BlackBerry will consider releasing a new tablet device, but only when the time is right. Speaking to Pocket-lint, the company's vice-president of global product management Francois Mahieu revealed that the resurgent manufacturer is interested in the tablet market, but has no current plans.

"Would BlackBerry consider one day re-entering the tablet market? Yes. Will BlackBerry do it in the coming months? No," he told us during the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona.

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BlackBerry last released a tablet in May 2011. The BlackBerry PlayBook received much critical acclaim, but failed to set the world alight. It didn't sell in any significant numbers and with the company only at the beginning of its complete renewal process - lead by the relatively recently appointed CEO John Chen - there will be no rash decisions on a possible PlayBook 2.

"When we launched PlayBook, beyond the fact that everybody knows that PlayBook was no a huge success, everybody loved it," said Mahieu. "I wouldn't be surprised if we have a meeting one day and I show you a tablet. We have equity in that space, but we're not ready. We need more time."