Thorsten Heins has revealed that the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet device will not be upgraded to BlackBerry 10, reneging on a promise he made in January.

Speaking on an investors' call after the company's first quarter financial year 2014 earnings report was posted, the BlackBerry chief exec dropped the bombshell that the company had no plans to update the two-year-old tablet. Citing poor performance levels, Heins said it would focus on core products instead.

In January - during the event launch for BlackBerry 10 and the announcement of the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 handsets - Heins sang a different tune: "Our plan is to upgrade all existing PlayBooks to BlackBerry 10," he said to the gathered media.

Customers who have acquired PlayBooks in the period after BlackBerry 10 was promised will be hugely disappointed by today's revelations.

BlackBerry posted a loss of $84 million in the period from April to June, but revenues were up by 15 per cent for the company year on year. It announced in its earnings report that it sold 6.8 million smartphones in the quarter, only 2.7 million of them BlackBerry 10 handsets.