The BlackBerry Playbook 3G+ is now available in the UK, allowing you to surf on the go.

Announced earlier in the year, the new PlayBook will be virtually identical to the non-3G version, although you'll will get a speed boost with the 3G+ model because it comes with a 1.5Ghz rather than 1Ghz processor.

Priced at £424.79, it offers 32GB of storage for your cash, making it £150 cheaper than a similar spec'ed iPad, but considerably more expensive than the non-3G 32GB PlayBook.

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Those not wanting 3G or that speed boost can buy a 32GB Wi-Fi-only model from Carphone Warehouse for £199. That price, which has been heavily discounted since the Playbook launch, makes the 3G version seem rather expensive, especially when you factor in that it would be cheaper to buy a Mi-Fi device for on the go Wi-Fi and then spend the difference on dinner at a funky restaurant.

The new PlayBook 3G+ is available from Misco and Insight now. RIM hasn't said whether there are any plans to bring the 4G version, available in the US, to the UK on the EE network.

We will keep you posted.