Research In Motion has released an update to the PlayBook - PlayBook OS 2.1 - that brings several new features and bug fixes, including the ability to check your email in portrait mode: the excitement, we know!

Those lucky few who have the BlackBerry tablet will now be able to do the following:

- Secure all data on the tablet; the enterprise-grade encryption can now be extended to secure personal data stored on the device

- Text via SMS using the new version of BlackBerry Bridge (version 2.1) - customers can send a text from their PlayBook through their BlackBerry smartphone; the new version of Bridge is available on BlackBerry App World

- Use the Messages, Contacts and Calendar apps in Portrait mode;

-  “Print” documents from a PC to a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet using the Print To Go app even if the PC and tablet are connected to different networks;

Additionally, RIM says the PlayBook OS 2.1 offers new features that simplify the deployment of the tablets in the enterprise with BlackBerry Mobile Fusion.  These include over-the-air enrolment to the BlackBerry Mobile Fusion server, support for ActiveSync certificate-based authentication, and additional IT Policy controls.

For developers (and consumers), the In–App Payment system now extends to Android applications. 

The update is now available as a free over-the-air download. Customers will automatically get a notification of the update on their PlayBook, or they can tap the gear icon (in top right corner) and check for the new version under “Software Updates”.