Research In Motion is set to release the much anticipated BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 software update on Tuesday 21 February, if details from a leaked document are to be believed.

The update, which has slipped more times than a clown on a banana at the circus, has been promised for February for some time, however RIM is yet to officially date when it will be releasing the update.

According to the internal marketing docs obtained by Engadget, the update is expected to be available first thing Tuesday morning.

The update is expected finally to bring native email, contacts, and calendar support - something that has been missing from the device since its launch in 2011.

The update will also bring with it the ability to run Android Apps from developers who have submitted amended code.

The update couldn't come at a better time for RIM. PlayBook sales are still flagging compared to other tablets on the market, forcing UK retailers to drop the price down to £169 in recent months as consumers failed to embrace the BlackBerry tablet.