, the voucher and money saving site, has made the bold claim that the BlackBerry PlayBack has overtaken the iPad as the must-have tablet. It states that the Apple device has fallen behind the new kid on the block in terms of searches.

In July, the PlayBook made up for 22 per cent of all searches for tablets, with both the iPad 2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab lagging behind. In addition, the word "tablet" has recently become the number one search term on the site, closely followed by "3D TV" and "games console".

“The Playbook is definitely moving ahead of the iPad and we can also see that people are placing orders for it,’ says Brad Blake, the site’s managing director.

He also claims that, in the battle of the consoles, the Xbox 360's massive share is being whittled away by the PS3: "The Xbox 360 seems to be losing its share to its Sony rival, the Playstation."

However, in terms of eBook readers, Amazon is experiencing continual growth: "The Amazon Kindle is proving popular too with searches up by 21% on last month," says Blake.

What do you think? Are you more interested in the PlayBook than the iPad? And, what about the Android tablets? Let us know in the comments below...

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