It's a big day for BlackBerry PlayBook fans - not only have they got access to new BBC iPlayer and News app icons (yes, icons) - they've also now got the option of setting their QNX tabs to Bahasa Indonesian thanks to the launch of BlackBerry Tablet OS v1.0.7.

All jesting aside the update does bring some useful additions to the PlayBook arena including improved accessibility with the BlackBerry Bridge app - meaning that you can now save an attachment to an SD card, or to your smartphone’s internal flash memory and access ZIP files received as email attachments. You can then extract compressed contents for viewing or editing on your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

There are also a couple of media specific tweaks including portrait picture viewing and pinch-to-zoom in videos. All, this plus the Bahasa Indonesian addition (and 14 more launguages).

The update is available over-the-air (check your status ribbon) and and new PlayBooks will include the OS as part of the setup process.