BlackBerry is set to push an over the air update to its PlayBook which should fix issues early adopters are having with Flash.

BlackBerry stated on its blog that "while their are no known reports of any BlackBerry PlayBook users being affected by the Adobe Flash issue", the company suggest an update.

The PlayBook went on sale in the US on April 19th and is set to hit the UK on the 16th June. The tablet is the first to take advantage of RIM's specially designed Tablet OS, complete with advanced multitasking and intelligent bezel corners for app switching and functionality. 

The inbound update is designed to fix a security issue found with Adobe Flash Player relating to cross-site scripting. 

So far RIM's PlayBook has gone managed to escape any major tech hiccups, apart from a recall of 1000 found to be using faulty builds of the Tablet OS. It is unlikely we will find any suspect versions of the OS on PlayBooks that launch in the UK on Thursday, even so best to update when you get the chance.

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