BlackBerry maker RIM demoed how native email will work on the BlackBerry PlayBook at BlackBerry World in Florida earlier in the week, and now the company has released a close up video to show the new features we can expect and how they will work.

Turns out, that the upcoming native email and PIM (Personal Information Management) for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet clients will look virtually identical to how they do now, however without pulling in data from a BlackBerry handset.

These PIM applications (including Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, MemoPad and, of course, Email) will come to BlackBerry PlayBook tablets via an update to the BlackBerry Tablet OS later this summer.

BlackBerry has been heavily criticised by reviewers in the US for not including a native email client for the device from the start, however RIM’s stance has always been that it made the decision not to include email at the beginning so Enterprise could quickly roll out the PlayBook without having to worry about supporting yet another email device and the security that entails.

Enterprise Chief Information Officers we candidly talked to at BB World welcomed the new addition, but also felt that RIM was going about it the right way, however could see why RIM had been criticised.

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