RIM’s head of accessories, Bruce Winter, has hinted to Pocket-lint that a dedicated BlackBerry keyboard for the BlackBerry PlayBook is on the cards in the near future.

Although not being able to officially confirm the comments made to Pocket-lint at BlackBerry World when we pressed Winter on whether or not one was in development, the RIM exec has told us that the move would be something one could logically expect from the Canadian company in the coming months.

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion has already said that it plans to offer a range of accessories beyond “just cases”, so this would seem the next logical step for the QWERTY keyboard loving BlackBerry user.

Apple, Motorola and Samsung all already make keyboards for their tablet devices seeing the accessories as a lucrative after sale for users keen to “pimp” their new device.

If RIM are making a dedicated keyboard it would be the first time the company has created a keyboard that’s bigger than your average phone.

Many believe however, that if they are, RIM would be the company to crack just how to create something that was small enough to be in keeping with the PlayBook, but good enough to be useful.

Stay tuned.