RIM has demoed a 3D app working on its PlayBook tablet at BlackBerry World in Orlando, Florida - opening a world for 3D content on the go. 

The new 3D app, currently called Firefly, looks to work in a similar way to LG’s offering, first demoed at Mobile World Congress, with the LG Optimus Pad offering photos, games, music, and video in 3D.

Created by Astonishing Tribe, the new app will be available in the App World store and is designed to prove to other developers just what is possible with the new capabilities of the PlayBook. 

Demoed on stage, the proof of concept, which will go live if it gets the nod from the top brass at RIM, played at stereoscopic HD at 60 frames per second. You will need to pack a pair of 3D glasses, as the PlayBook doesn’t currently feature an autostereoscopic 3D screen like the Nintendo 3DS.