BlackBerry maker, RIM, has confirmed it will be rolling out it’s first major update to it’s BlackBerry PlayBook on Monday.

The new Over The Air update will roll out in the US on 2 May and be available for the device when it launches elsewhere in the world.

Video Chat will allow users to talk to other BlackBerry users via BlackBerry ID over a Wi-Fi network (remember the PlayBook is currently Wi-Fi only).

Other new features to the PlayBook include the ability to run BlackBerry Messenger over bridge, a new dedicated Facebook app, and the usual run of bug fixes and performance improvements.

RIM’s vice president of software, Alan Panezic, said that a dedicated email, calendar, and BBM client won’t be here until the summer.

Panezic also confirmed that BlackBerry Balance will be coming to the PlayBook later this year.

More details on when Android app support will supposed be announced at BlackBerry World on Tuesday.

We will keep you posted.