Launch day sales for RIM's new Blackberry PlayBook tablet have emerged which, although better than expected, still aren't the massive numbers seen when the Apple iPad 2 was launched last month.

According to Mike Abramsky, the General Manager over at RBC Capital Markets, RIM's PlayBook first-day sales are said to be at around the 50,000 mark, with 25,000 sold through pre-order and 20,000 in-store, which given the business slant that BlackBerries are known for seems like a firm beginning. It also outshines any previous Android tablets' first-day sales.

The stats, however, pale in comparison to the iPad 2 launch weekend which notched up around half a million - especially as for some the second Apple tablet was seen as more of an update.

Even though it may take some time before people take to the the Playbook and its QNX OS, something which Pocket-lint has been impressed with, it's very possible that RIM's device will pick up speed as word gets out.