RIM, maker of the BlackBerry PlayBook, has confirmed that it will be teaming up with 7digital to pre-install the company’s 7digital Music Store on the device at launch in the US and Canada - with further international roll out in 2011.

7digital Music Store lets users purchase tracks from a catalogue of over 13 million MP3s, all streamed from the cloud, and gives the PlayBook a viable music offering rivalling Apple and its iTunes store.  

BlackBerry PlayBook users will be able to browse and search for tracks, albums and artists and preview them before making a purchase.

Users can also discover new music through 7digital’s recommendation technology.

The pricing structure for BlackBerry PlayBook users will match the charges on 7digital.com, with individual tracks and albums priced in a customer’s local currency.

“We’re really excited to be working with RIM to bring the 7digital experience to the BlackBerry PlayBook,” comments Ben Drury, CEO 7digital. “RIM has created an incredible tablet with premium multimedia features and together we are delivering a truly exceptional music experience for mobile users, offering content that is extremely easy to discover, purchase and use.”

“The 7digital Music Store is a perfect complement to the high-performance BlackBerry PlayBook, providing users with fast searches and downloads, and a slick interface that makes it very easy to discover, purchase and enjoy music,” said Alistair Mitchell, vice president, BBM Platform & Integrated Services. “We are thrilled to be working with 7digital to provide BlackBerry PlayBook users with access to an amazing catalogue of 13 million tracks.”

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