Reports have emerged that suggest that Research In Motion do not own the trademark rights to the PlayBook name in the UK - indicating that the Canadian manufacturer could run into difficulties naming its tablet on this side of the pond.

V3 is reporting that the trademark belongs to media mogul Felix Dennis, owner of Dennis Publishing, who registered the name in 2006.

The report quotes Mark Owen (not the one from Take That unfortunately), of Harbottle & Lewis, who states that RIM would probably already be aware of the issue and may have already taken steps to rectify any problems.

"RIM could have already reached a deal with Felix Dennis or be in discussions to resolve the issue, but the fact that [the trademark] is already taken underlines the constant risk firms face when they introduce products using variations of common words", the IP lawyer said. 

"The fact that RIM's PlayBook has a capital 'B' in the name makes no difference, as the trademark that exists is for the entire word. So anything that is similar or identical could be classed as an infringement".

With the BlackBerry PlayBook not likely to see the light of day for a while yet, we think that RIM will have plenty of time to iron out any issues.

And if not, it could always go with another name. PadBerry anyone?