Research In Motion is to utilise the Unix-like operating system of QNX Software in its forthcoming tablet, rather than running its own latest mobile OS, BlackBerry 6.

Reports suggest that RIM has decided to use QNX Software, which the Canadian mobile giant purchased in April this year, as it offers third party developers better access to develop applications for the tablet, which is set to be called the BlackPad. 

QNX software is currently used by some BMW audio systems, and can also be found inside the US Army's Crusher Tank as well as navigation systems in some Porsches.

There are also suggestions to back up what Pocket-lint had previously reported, that the BlackPad will not have 3G on board, and will only be capable of using mobile phone networks via a Bluetooth hook up with a BlackBerry handset.

The BlackPad is expected to be officially announced in November, and RIM will be hoping to cash in on the anti-Apple brigade to get a foothold in the tablet market.

Can you see the BlackPad being a success? Or are the Apple knockers more likely to go for an Android tablet? Give us your tablet-tales below.