We first heard word about a possible BlackBerry tablet last month, when we told you about rumours of a device that would be able to use a companion BlackBerry mobile phone's 3G connection to connect to the web when Wi-Fi wasn't an option.

And now more details of RIM's supposed big screen have emerged.

Reports suggest a 7-inch tablet powered via a 1GHz Marvell Armada 610 chip. The report also suggests a double-camera whammy so video calling could be on the cards - unlike on the iPad which has a total of zero cameras.

There's also suggestions of a full 1080p display as well as 3D graphics capability.

Like previous reports we've seen about the BlackBerry tablet, the estimated arrival date is by the end of this year.

Update: Looks as if Flash could be on board people.

Are you interested by what RIM has to offer in the tablet game? Or maybe you're an iPad fanatic already - or possibly you're waiting for the barrage of Android tablets to arrive? Fill us in on your tablet tales below.