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(Pocket-lint) - The iPad Air is a superb tablet, and no mistake - it's got Apple's latest iPad design, making it all-screen, and power to spare.

It's also picked up a welcome discount in both the UK and the US thanks to Cyber Monday, which has kicked off now with Black Friday in the rear-view mirror.

You can pick it up in the UK below, with a tasty 15% saving bringing the price down by a massive £100.

iPad Air 2022 - save £100

If you're in the US, don't worry - although there sadly isn't a deal that quite matches this saving, you can still get a welcome little discount below.

iPad Air 2022 - save $48

If you're curious about which iPad model you think you should buy, we've got a handy feature that'll run you through all the key differences between those on the market right now.

You can check that out right here, but suffice to say that we absolutely adore the iPad Air.

Its 2022 iteration got a glowing five-star review earlier this year, and giving that a read should help you see what makes it so special.

The display on the iPad Air is wonderful, it's powerful enough to handle whatever you throw at it, and lightweight enough to be truly portable.

Get a nice case for it and you've got a tablet that will last you years and years, but also be at the top of its game right now.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.