Asus has just shown off a wireless charging stand and dock for the Nexus 7 tablet.

Until now the only official wireless charging dock for the Nexus 7 was that made for the Nexus 5 phone - not an ideal fit. Now the Asus PW100 Wireless Charging Stand has arrived.

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The PW100 features a pyramid shape that holds the tablet at a 60-degree angle. Using Qi Wireless Charging it can keep the tablet juiced and allows it to stand in both landscape and portrait positions. There is also an LED indicator to notify users when the device is charging.

Asus has also released a Dock for Nexus 7 with a wired connection (below). This also works in portrait and landscape. It gives users an option to output via an HDMI cable. This is good for use of the dock on a big screen TV or monitor and ideal for gaming or movies.

The Asus Dock for Nexus 7 will cost $50 (UK price pending) and the Asus PW100 Nexus 7 Wireless Charing Stand will go for £70.

nexus 7 pw100 wireless charging stand unveiled by asus image 2