Asus has confirmed to Pocket-lint that the new Nexus 7 docking station is already out of stock in the UK, having flown off the shelves the moment it arrived.

Announced at CES at the beginning of January, the docking station costs £24.99 and offers a micro USB socket and a headphone jack to let you charge your tablet or connect it to a speaker.

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"It's sold out already, but more stock should be landing shortly," the company told Pocket-lint when we inquired about availability.

That's good news for the hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Nexus 7 users in the UK looking for a way to display their shiny new tablet.

When we played with the docking station in Las Vegas our initial impression was that is does what it says on the tin with little fuss. A worthwhile purchase, if you can get your hands on one.