Images have emerged of what tipsters say is the rumoured Google Nexus tablet made by Asus.

With its glossy white fascia and two-tone back cover, the tablet has certainly been built with design in mind. However, as PhoneArena - which received the images - points out, the earpiece clearly visible at the top of the device is slightly baffling. Could it be another phone-cum-tablet, a la the Samsung Galaxy Note?

Rumours have already abound that the device will sport a 7-inch display and PhoneArena’s source again states that it will feature a quad-core Tegra 3 processor and that we can expect 1GB of RAM.

However, although the source says the tablet will run on Android 4.1, it seems to think this (albeit minor) update won’t be Jelly Bean.

Specs were leaked last month though seemed to suggest that PhoneArena’s claims that the tablet would run on Android 4.1 were correct, this is in fact going to be Jelly Bean.

As Google has remained fairly tightlipped as to what Android Jelly Bean will or won’t be, at this stage we can only speculate and drool over what looks to be a rather fetching tablet.

What do you think to the look of the Asus made Google Nexus tablet? Let us know.