Asus has announced what many expected to be its iPad competitor at the Computex convention in Taiwan, but it turns out that the Eee Tablet is more akin to an ebook reader than anything else.

It uses a high-resolution monochrome display with no less than 2540dpi, which Asus claims gives it a “paper like feeling”.

Unlike rival devices, iPad included, the Eee Tablet doesn’t have any form of backlight, so you can’t use it in a dark room. On the other hand, its passive LCD screen means that it has a 0.1 second page refresh rate, which is about 10 times faster than any competing ebook reader.

The Eee Tablet is supplied with a stylus which allows you to make annotations and use it for taking notes. Asus also claims that it’s great for using as a drawing tablet due to the high resolution screen. You can see some examples in the picture gallery of this.

Other features include a 2-Megapixel camera on the back, although it’s only capable of taking black and white pictures from what we could tell. Asus has also added a micro USB port and a micro SD card slot at the bottom.

We were unable to get any kind of indication as to what we could expect the Eee Tablet to cost once it hits retail later this year, but judging by Asus’ target market - students and business professionals - we’d expect it to be wallet-friendly.