"We've got this from three independent sources close to Apple: expect a large screen iPod touch device to be released in the Fall of '09, with a 7 or 9 inch screen".

So states blogger Michael Arrington of TechCrunch who claims that prototypes have been "seen and handled" by his sources, that also claim Apple is in talks with manufacturers.

Although this much rumoured Newton-esque tablet has been one of those on/off Apple rumours for some time, it seems that Apple now thinks the time is right for such a device to debut.

Apparently the worry before was that the iPad, as the rumoured product has been dubbed, would not be popular with consumers but now Apple's App Store content means there are thousands of programmes suitable for a touchscreen device with an accelerometer.

Arrington says: "I'm not saying Apple is definitely launching a large form iPod Touch. But sources I trust are saying they are currently planning to, and one source has actually held the device".