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(Pocket-lint) - Apple is widely expected to hold a special event sometime this Spring to refresh some of its product lineup, and potentially unveil an update to the iPhone SE, but the iPad Air might also be in line to get some love.

The superb updated Air was launched back in 2020, although its new design doesn't feel like it's as old as that, meaning that while it remains a very powerful tablet, Apple's got some new power to add to it without having to go to too much effort.

The main addition will be Apple's A15 Bionic chip, which can boast more power than the 2020 iPad Air can match, and which would be a sensible if minor upgrade under the hood - just the type that Apple likes to make to keep things relevant.

While the iPad Pro line has been granted access to Apple's M1 chips, keeping the iPad Air a little less super-powered would also start to open the gap up between the Air and the Pro again, which is actually a good thing when it comes to marketing clarity. After all, when the 2020 iPad Air launched it spent a decent while as effectively the most powerful iPad you could get.

According to Apple Insider there will be some other welcome changes too, like an upgraded 12MP wide-angle FaceTime selfie camera, and an upgrade to the main camera unit's flash capabilities, plus the arrival of 5G connectivity, but we suspect the headliner will be that newer chip.

Until Apple's actually announced anything, though, this remains rumour, so don't be too shocked if a Spring event rolls through town without any news on the iPad Air.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.