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(Pocket-lint) - Apple has launched a new free repair program for its 2019 iPad Air models, which can suffer from what Apple's calling a "Blank Screen Issue", which sees the tablet's display effectively die. 

The issue can sometimes be preceded by a brief flicker or flash, according to Apple, and affects models manufactured between March and October 2019 only. If you've got one of those models you can get free repairs and assessments to establish whether you're at risk and fix it.

In relatively typical Apple fashion, there are scant details on the actual nature of the problem or its cause. However, to work out your own eligibility you can simply pop into an Apple Store or Authorised Service Provider location to get someone to take a look.

Of course, you can also chuck your tablet in the post to Apple if you prefer, and are happy to wait to hear back. 

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However, it's worth remembering that as always with Apple's repair programs, you've got to still be under your standard warranty to be eligible, so don't wait around too long to see if it's an issue for you. 

You have to bring your device in for the program within two years of buying it, too, so there's a bit of a timer running, now. Apple's blog post on the subject has all the details and links you'll need to take part, if you're worried about the state of your 2019 iPad Air. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published on 9 March 2020.